At times like these, where the population and the authorities are taking extraordinary measure to contain the COVID-19 pandemic, we remain at your service to provide a healthy, active and social distanced way of continuing to enjoy and explore the beautiful coastline, towns and rural areas around Cascais.

We continue to provide our premium eBike rentals to the best hotels and residences in the area, and whilst restrictions remain in place for certain public spaces, we are seeing a high demand for our rental service.

The Fully Charged eBikes 10 Point Inspection

Our comprehensive 10-point inspection on each bike before every ride gives all our clients the reassurance that they can have the safest, trouble free and enjoyable experience.

In addition, our team have reinforced our cleaning and sanitising measures, to ensure systematic disinfection of bicycles and accessories such as locks, lock keys, storage areas and additional child seats and trailers. We will also wear masks and gloves when instructing and briefing customers on the eBike usage and operation.

We are here to help, and to ensure you have the safest and most enjoyable trips in discovering this wonderful part of the world.




Are eBikes safe?

1. As with all forms of bike, they are safe provided you observe correct usage and safety procedures. 2. eBikes are heavier that traditional bicycles, and you may need to acclimatise to the slight diffrence in the weight and handling. 3. Assisted speeds are limited to 25kmp/h on our bikes, as part of EU regulation.

Protecting yourself and others

1. Before riding one eBikes, you will be briefed by our friendly staff, who will instruct and advise how to use and ride an eBike safely. Each ebike will have been sanitised, and we carry out a 20 point check before each use to ensure key functions of the ebike are in good working order. 2. You will be requested to wear a cycle helmet, and suitable clothing. 3. Please inform yourself of the on-the-road regulations in Portugal, traffic signals, and observe courtesy with other cyclists and pedestrians on the cycle paths. 4. Keep a safe distance between bikes when cycling, and ensure children (if they are travelling with you) are securely fastened into child seats and trailers. 5. Be respectful and careful where you stop and park the bike, to avoid any potential 3rd party obstruction or injury, or injury to yourself. 6. Carry a face mask and sanitising gel as it may be required. 7. We advise carrying ample water to avoid dehydration, and a supply of sun lotion to protect againt the sunshine.

Are there any age restrictions to ride the bike?

1. Yes. The minimum age to ride the eBike is 14 years old. However you must be 18 or over to place the order for the eBike. 2. We reserve the right to cancel an order if required.

Protecting the Environment

1. There is a high risk of forest fires in the summertime. Dont leave glass out in the sunshine. Even the smallest shard can spark a flame in the sun. If you see discarded bottles, please collect and dispose of them responsibly. 2. A Critical Wildlife Period is announced annually, usually July-September. During this time campfires are prohibited in rural areas, allowed only in designated parks or parques de merendas using their communal stone BBQ grill. 3. park your eBike considerately. 4. Take, map, compass and whistle and ample water when venturing into remote areas and always tell someone where you are going, do not rely on your mobile phone.

Are there any weight restrictions?

Yes. The maximum weight of the rider cannot exceed 125kg, and ideally below 100kg to ensure maximum efficiency and ease on more difficult inclines.

What happens if I am involved in an accident?

1. If you are involved in a serious accident, and are able to call the emergency services, then please do this first. Also, contact us, and we will deploy one of our staff to your location to assist where possible. If you are unable to contact the emergency services, then ask a friend to do so. 2. If your accident is less serious, then contact us, and we will deploy a staff member to assist in the situation. We will be equipped with a First Aid kit, but we are not First Aid trained.

What if I am unable ride the bike back to the drop off location?

In the event that you are unable to ride your eBike back to the original pick up location, or the eBike has malfunctioned, please contact us and we will deploy a member of staff to assist and return you and the eBike.